The Institute of Solid Mechanics (ISM), currently the primary part of the Solid Mechanics discipline at Tsinghua University, was formally established in 1999. The discipline was proposed and developed by the famous Chinese mechanics scientists Professors Zhang Wei, Du Qinghua, Huang Kezhi, and others and later became one of the first doctoral programs in China. In all the past research exercise...
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The Institute of Fluid Mechanics (IFM) is an important training base for research and academic talents in fluid mechanics. It was established in 1958 on the basis of the "Engineering Mechanics Research Class" founded by Tsien Hsue-shen, Kuo Yung-huai and Chien Wei-zang. It has been qualified to grant master's and doctor's degrees in the first-level discipline.The main research areas include: tu...
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The Institute of Engineering Thermophysics was founded in 1958 and selected as one of the State Key Disciplines in 1988. Then the Institute was allowed to grant PhD degrees in first-level disciplines, and a post-doctoral workstation was also built. Relying on the Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Education of Thermal Science and Power Engineering, the Institute has ranked first in the evaluatio...
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